Professional car upholstery cleaning - car upholstery cleaning in  East London

Steam Car Detailing

Are you informed how long you spend in your vehicle driving to and from: shopping, workplace, dropping and collecting kids from/to school and taking the Labrador to the vets which will eventually leave dusty stains . Our car upholstery valeting service helps keep your saloon hygienic, clean, smelling nice and fresh.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning - East London is one of the specialists in car valet in East London, by utilizing one matchless preparations and equipment on market, our professionals can perfectly wash customers’ car seats, We clean and sanitize all the hard surface-, cloth-, leather- areas and wash out microorganisms which can contribute to nasty scents.

Our East London Auto interior wash process may include all these options (depending on the type of cleaning you have selected):

  • Leather areas cleaned and conditioned
  • Deep cleaning upholstery seats and carpets
  • Automobile seats smell elimination - 100% assured
  • Dashboard, Middle console, Door sides … etc - (all hard areas) cleaned and dressed

Our car upholstery cleaner is right in case if you have any of this kind of problems

  • Spills of milk, coffee, milkshakes, orange juice, banana juice or other liquids
  • Feces marks
  • Cigarette smoke marks
  • Vomitus stains
  • Spot detailing
  • Children’s pastry
  • Obnoxious Odour eliminating

Washing Before Selling Your Car

Supposing you are selling your vehicle and want to ensure that you trade it off for its max price. Our mobile car interior valet package gives an ideal impression and can considerably increase the price of your auto. Car valeting can be accomplished at your home or workplace in East London - works either way.

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